Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mingle's Cheese Plate

Had dinner at Mingle on Delaware Avenue tonight. I really liked the restaurant. They are currently offering a "Flavors of DelSo" cheese plate with paired beers or wines. The cheeses were selected by the restaurant's future neighbor The Cheese Traveler. The crackers were made by current neighbor All Good Baker's. The cheese and crackers were fantastic. I thought the beers were OK and wondered if the wines might have been a better pairing. I enjoyed the the entire dining experience and look forward to returning.

And now, my one and only cheese plate story: When we were on a cruise to Bermuda, one of the nightly dessert options was a cheese plate. I ordered it on the first night. It was good, but the best cheese on the plate was the brie. On the second night, I asked if the cheeses were the same. They were a little different. I ordered the cheese plate with a little extra brie. The third night, I skipped the other cheeses, asked for just some brie and received a plate with a pretty hefty portion of brie. Later that evening, I overindulged at the bar, but that's another story. The fourth night, I was still a little hungover and going to skip the cheese. As the waiter came over to take the table's desert order, he presented me with a lovely plate completely covered with slices of brie.

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