Monday, August 13, 2012

Eva's European Sweets

I loved this place. If I lived closer, I'd eat here too often. I took the kids to Syracuse for an extended weekend. I had some hotel points, planned out some day trips and was counting on the hotel pool providing hours of entertainment (it did). In the rush to get out the door, I did a quick yelp search of the area and came across a 5 star restaurant withing 10 miles of the hotel. Eva's European Sweets.


The place looks little from the outside but it was surprisingly larger inside. It goes back aways into the building. It was more than just sweets. It's a full Polish restaurant. Note to self: get my own Pierogi St. sign.

They've got half a dozen varieties of pierogi to choose from, glumpkie, stews, an impressive beer list, and some seriously delicious bacon topped potato pancakes. I picked out 3 types of pierogi (top). I asked the waiter for help because I couldn't decide what else to pick off the menu.  He suggested the potato pancakes (bottom left) and a glumpki (bottom right). I was glad I listened because his suggestions were delicious and the potato pancakes were the star of the meal.

The kids got crepes filled with a sweetened farmer's cheese with some lemon, chocolate and raisins on top. What can I say, they were on vacation. And after having seen me take pictures of my order, they wanted this picture taken too.

The sign out front says Eva's is celebrating its 15ht year. Looks like it will keep going strong. Good food and very friendly waitstaff will keep people coming back. We got there early, but the place had filled up and a small line was forming at 6:00 on a Thursday evening. If you find yourself a little north of the Fairgrounds, stop in and eat.

Eva's European Sweets
1305 Milton Ave
Syracuse, NY 13204

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