Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Well, not exactly embezzling. More like slowly stealing from myself.

Back in 2004 we bought a vehicle (a family truckster since daughter #1 was on the way). To purchase that vehicle, we had to borrow money. To make the payments, we had to open a savings account at the bank giving us the loan. Every other Wednesday, part of my paycheck went into this savings account. Every other Thursday, that deposit became a car loan payment and was automatically withdrawn from the account. The vehicle was paid off in 2008 and I stopped the deposits but we never closed the account.

Last week, I got a letter from the bank telling me that if I didn't make a deposit or withdrawal by mid-September, the small amount of money would go into some state fund and I'd never see it again. So I went to the bank and deposited $5. Crisis averted.

I don't know what gave me the idea to start direct depositing money into the account again. But I did. The paperwork is all signed and brought over to payroll. And these savings have been earmarked. This is the Brick Oven Fund (or BOF for the really cool kids). Just knowing that it is there makes me giggle. I've been reading more about ovens again and it probably isn't long before I start drafting ideas.

Maybe the oven will be at this house or maybe another house, but someday, there will be a bank account with enough money in it to cover the build. And that's the first step in converting the oven from a dream into a reality.

(hehe, stupid grin)


  1. My middle son is obsessed with having a pizza oven in the backyard! He even suggested we only go to the beach for one week instead of our usual two, as a cost saving measure. I don't know about that, but it would be cool to make pizza and baked goods outdoors. Good luck!

  2. A kid after my own heart. If he wants to look around at oven ideas, I recommend the Forums over at the Forno Bravo website. There are a lot of threads there that follow someone during oven construction. They also have downloadable plans that are free and photo galleries. They have ovens you can buy too. I have thought about buying, but for some reason, I want to spend a frustrating summer cutting bricks.