Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Live Free Or Die

Spent last week in New Hampshire. We shared a house with three other families. I went to high school with the father in each family. This is the squalor I had to live in for a week.

Somehow, we managed. Here's the view from the deck. It was a littl foggy this particular morning. The view is better than the picture.

On the ride out to Lake Winnipesaukee, there was no good time to stop for lunch since the kids were taking turns sleeping. By about 1:45, everyone was getting hungry, but the signs on the highway were not very helpful. We had to get off I-89 in a few more miles and decided we'd stop at the first place we saw.

That place turned out to be The Flying Goose Brew Pub. We got a table, the wife and I started looking over the menu and the kids got busy coloring on their place mats. Off to my left I heard a voice say, "Jon and Amy?!?!" It was Jeanie and her kids. Jeanie was in our dorm freshman year at Northeastern. They were also heading to Lake Winnipesaukee for the week. Holy Small World, Batman! We exchanged cell phone numbers and managed to get together on the following Friday.  Made for a very nice day.
The kids loved the trip. I think the adults had a pretty good time too. Here's the group photo of the vacation house taken just before heading home.

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