Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ever hear of Kickstarter? It is a very neat idea. Basically people pitch ideas that need a little starter money to get off the ground. If you like the idea you can help "kickstart" the project by pledging a donation. If the project's goal is not met, the money you have pledged does not get donated. If the project goal is met, you make the donation and usually receive something from the project. Typically, what you receive varies based on the amount of your donation. Hopefully, that makes sense.

I first heard about the website a few months ago when I read about a old school grain mill trying to get up and running. Since then, I've bumped into a few Kickstart projects here and there. My interests typically lie in the food category, but a friend of mine recently put up a project. He has created a magnetic gadget mount system. It looks pretty cool. And if there is a better way to set up my GPS in the car, I want it.

If you are interested in my buddy Geoff's invention, you can check it out here and make a pledge. He is trying to raise $7000 by August 1st.

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