Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Pizza Pilgramage

I finally made the time to get to the Fairfield, Connecticut post of Pepe's. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana to be a little more formal. The original store in New Haven opened in the 20's. Relatively recently, they have opened a few more restaurants. The menu consists of pizza and a salad. That's it.

The restaurant walls are decorated with pictures showing off the restaurant's history.

Personally, I have very vivid memories of a white clam and bacon pizza and that's what I wanted. We ordered a large. We also got a medium cheese pizza for the kids and my parents got a tomato, onion and spinach pizza, hold the cheese. First out was the cheese pizza.

My daughter Casey ate more of this pizza than I have ever seen her eat. Ever. My wife said, "This could be the best cheese pizza I've ever had in my life." It is really good. My parents' veggie pie came out next. Still steaming from the oven.

I didn't get taste this one. I was too focused on the white clam and bacon pie that was the last to arrive at the table.

I thought it was delicious, but not quite as super-oh-my-god-fantastic as I remembered it. Don't get me wrong, this is delicious pizza. Maybe it is a little different in New Haven shop. A mystery I would not mid investigating. Still really, really good and I wish it was closer to Albany. Take a look at this slice. Look at the freakin' clams on this!

I ate so much pizza for lunch, I didn't really eat again on Saturday. On the way out, I came out of my pizza coma long enough to snap a picture of the oven. They were restocking the coal supply. Check out the handles on the pizza peels. Crazy long.

Depending on when you time your visit to Pepe's, you may have quite a wait. We got there at noon on Saturday and walked right in. We weren't alone in there though. I don't know if that's a good time or the Holiday weekend slowed business down. I think this might become a standard stop when we visit Connecticut.

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