Monday, April 18, 2011

Gas V. Charcoal

Earlier today there was a giveaway at the Table Hopping blog for a grilling book. As usual, Steve Barnes asked a question to be answered for entry into the giveaway. Today's question : "Gas or charcoal? Why?" There were 83 comments left as entries to win a grilling cookbook. Being a nerd and a charcoal guy, I had to see how the votes fell. Some people didn't fully commit and reported using both and others said they used gas but preferred charcoal. In the end, about 55% use gas, 40% use charcoal, and 5% use both or didn't really state a preference.

I was surprised that 40% use charcoal. I didn't expect that many pro-charcoal responses. I was thinking more in the 25% range. Well done Capital Region. Here are a few things that might help convert a few more people to lump charcoal.

A chimney full of lit coals is screaming hot. The Ove Glove or welding gloves help out.

Wondering if the brand of lump charcoal you saw in the store is any good? These guys have probably tested and rated it. They have also compiled user ratings as well.

And finally, if you are like me and don't really care for the lump charcoal sold at Home Depot or Lowes (usually Cowboy brand), you can order Royal Oak lump charcoal from Do It Best and it can be shipped to a local hardware store for free. The Phillips Hardware store on Central has handled this for me several times. Very nice people there and it is a good hardware store too.

Now invite someone that uses gas over in the middle of the week and show them how easy it is to use charcoal.


  1. I have gotten some pretty good lump charcoal at Fresh Market.

  2. I'll have to give it a try. I've seen it stacked there, but never bought it.

  3. I wish more people used charcoal. That smokey "grilled" flavor... that delicious char... just... so good. Propane sometimes just tastes like meat with some marks on it.

  4. Jane-I totally agree. To me a gas grill is like an oven broiler turned upside down. And the heat coming off lump charcoal creates such a great crust.