Friday, April 15, 2011

Charcutepalooza Project #4 - wrap up

I am off to spend the weekend in Boston. Should be fun. Good friends, good food, no kids (my mother in law is a Saint). How bad could it be? Before I go, I'm going to wrap up Project #4 - Smoke. The kielbasa was just below eh.

I grilled a bunch of it and it was way too salty. I tried simmering the rest in water to remove some salt, but it didn't work. The other issue was the texture. It was strangely spongy. Didn't really work for me. I had a similar problem the one time I tried to make my own hot dogs, so it is possible that the texture issue is operator error.

The summer sausage, on the other hand, was a hit. Kids liked it. I liked it. Wife like it. Neighbors liked it. A success. I thought it was better at room temperature than cold. It also took nicely to Dijon mustard. I might add a little more smoke next time and I will be making this one again sometime. I ordered some more sawdust for the little cold smoker. I didn't realize it earlier, but that got shipped from Olean, NY. Which is one town over from my favorite bartender and her spit cup. Small world.

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