Sunday, January 23, 2011

Charcutepalooza Project #2

The Salt Cure-

This month I am planning to make bacon, pancetta and lemon confit. I am still having problems finding a pork belly. Struck out at the farmer's market. Found some heritage pork belly for $15 a pound (ouch). I ended up ordering some from a butcher in Clifton Park. They were supposed to call me back and haven't yet. I'll call Monday to see where we stand. If that falls through, I should be able to get one from Rolf's later in the week. Time is running out to get these into cures and have a finished product by Valentine's Day. I think the pancetta will be coming in a few days late.

I got some lemons and manged to get them into salt on Friday night. Two Meyer lemons and one traditional. It is a moment like this that really sets this blog apart from may other blogs. These blogs I am referring to have stunning, well lit photographs of beautiful food. Here-not so much. Earlier in the day on Friday, I donated blood. Then after everyone went to bed, I was on the couch watching Top Chef eating a bag of Original Flavor Goldfish. I thought, what could go better with Top Chef and Goldfish? The answer: mmmm, beer. Completely forgetting I gave blood, I opened a beer. It was very tasty. So I had another. And now I'm watching TV and starting to feel a little loopy. Show's over, lets get those lemons into some salt. I put a bunch of salt into dish that has a lid. Cut the lemons in half and buried them in salt. Looking at this bowl filled with salt, it occured to me that I should have taken a picture. Oops.

Here I give you 3 halved salt covered lemons in a white bowl on a white counter lit by overhead kitchen lights. The first example showcasing my photography skills completly washes out my subject with a flash. I had enough sense to turn the flash off and get another shot. If I ever get a pork belly, I'll try to take better pictures.

Breath taking, right? The bowl got covered and put in the basement. In theory, I will remember they are there sometime in late March. If not, I definitely remember in November because until now, the sole reason for that bowl to be in the house is to serve stuffing at Thanksgiving.

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