Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Pierogie Tradition Continues

I am realizing that I like traditions. Things that can be passed on, and on, and on. But I think more importantly, these are things that should be passed on. I can see how much my wife's aunt enjoys this day and what it has become. Three generations getting together to make pierogie for Christmas.

I just watched a video/slide show my sister-in-law put together. Five years of pictures of essentially the same day. It blows my mind how much a kid can change in a year. When you are with them all the time, you tend to miss things. Looking back, well it kind of choked me up. These are kids that went from playing with dough like it was play-dough to really wanting to get into the cooking process. Every step. Helping each other. Really trying to get it right. And excitedly looking forward to the Christmas Eve party where they will get to eat the fruit of their labor. Just really beautiful to see.


  1. wowie! more foods need to be encased in dough :D

  2. I love family Christmas traditions. Ours was always to make large amounts of many different types of cookies. Going to be strange now due to me being diagnosed with Celiac, but I'm taking it as an opportunity to expand into candy. Especially truffles, which I seem to have a bit of an obsession for... So far on the list are White Chocolate Green Tea, White Chocolate Lemon, Chocolate Cream Cheese, Candy Cane, Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon.

  3. What a great tradition. I'm sure your girls will be treasuring these memories growing up, and performing their own pierogie traditions as well. I wish I had grown up with traditions like this.

  4. Phairhead - I totally agree.

    AJ- Thanks AJ. I can't believe how emotional I was getting watching the video.

    Mer- There is a ton for a celiac to work on in the kitchen. Cheesecake is an easy one, once you come up with a crust, the rest is gluten free. Then there is coconut macaroons, fudge, flourless chocolate cake, custards like creme brulee and there are some really good GF brownies out there. We got my mother-in-law one of those pans that has extra corners. The GF brownie edges are the best part.

    Happy cooking!