Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chef's are cool

The Chicago Reader along with Sky Full Of Bacon are doing a series of articles and videos of Chicago chefs. The idea is awesome. And the chefs seem to embrace the idea and make something special.

It starts with on chef getting the "key ingredient." The chefs cooks something with the ingredient then chooses the next key ingredient to get passed onto the next chef. I think what I like about the idea so much is that it gives you a real glimpse into the thought process of a chef. I thought about forwarding the idea to Steve Barnes to use with Capital Region chefs, but since Steve doing anything with the idea would essentially be plagiarism, I didn't.

Interesting articles and videos if you have the time.


  1. Concerning finding duck, check my most recent post at

    I've a direct link to mail order duck breast.

  2. Thanks Warner. I know one local Asian market has whole ducks. I don't know what kind of duck though. I'm pretty sure there are a handful of local (Albany area) stores with frozen duck. I am out of town for Christmas, and then again for New Year's. So I need to figure out my logistics to try and have my version in on time. This is going to be fun...and delicious too.