Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm lucky I haven't hurt myself.

Although, maybe I should shut up. I haven't gone to bed yet. There's still time.

I had a professional development day. Someone, somewhere thought that engineers need to stay current and the best way to do that was to make them sit through hour long presentations. An average of 12 of them a year or, if you are insane, you could wait until the 3rd and final year of you license and sit through 36 hours at a pop. Ouch. It all comes down to a tax. You have to pay for the credits. The people providing the credits have to pay to have the credits certified. And you have to pay with hours of your time. Couldn't they have just raised the price of a license and saved everyone the headache? Today had 6 hour long presentations so that is half my year's quota. I should be in the clear until February....

So, I came home from that and started to make dinner. About every other week, we have breakfast for dinner. The kids like putting hard boiled eggs into a slicer. There was rye toast, fried eggs, and pancakes too. I burnt some pancakes. I tried cooking the bacon in this roaster with the brilliant idea that I could use the roaster to make stew tonight. The roaster is too big for one burner. Two burners heated it very unevenly. I started to burn the bacon. So I put the roaster in the oven. And forgot to turn off the stove. Caught that a second later.

I had saved some bacon fat for the stew. Burned it. Smoked up the kitchen. Started over. The stew is braising in the oven now. I think I might go get my welding gloves to take it out. And I was going to sharpen my knives for Thanksgiving...not tonight. I'll pass on the stitches.


  1. How's the smoker? Any steam burns yet?

  2. The stew looks ok. Not my best work. Won't stop me from eating it. So no physical injuries tonight...I still say yet. I'm drinking Scotch and losing at poker. The night is still young. Plenty of time for me to fall down the stairs.

  3. On the continuing education credits, some states which have reciprocity with NY don't require them.

    You may also find that either your paticular professional society (ASCE ?) or the society of professional engineers offer them at very low rates.

    I'm not a PE, but have two courses that are certified by my professional society for the PE requirements.

    Army experience taught me that playing poker while drinking soft drinks increases the odds of winning.

  4. I pick up a few continuing education credits here and there and I have been going to this one day seminar for 3 years now. I presented at it one too. That counts for extra credits. This one is $100 for a member and you can get 6 credits. I think it is only $150 for non-members. Still a good deal if you need the credits. It is actually cheaper to join and go to the seminars instead of just going to the seminars. The organization is NYSATE(New York State Association of Transportation Engineers).

    On the rare occasions I play poker for a relatively high stake, I stay sober. Online I stick to 5 and 10 cent tables. No serious gaming. My problem with online poker is that I tend to ignore the game and read food blogs. Not sure why I don't stop playing and just only read food blogs. Maybe it is the Scotch.