Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Return to the Firedome

Thursday night I made a variation of a no-knead pizza dough and let set in the fridge over-night. Friday after work, it was time to play with fire again. Firedome, that is.

This time I used more fuel to get it hotter. I loaded the coals in two batches. I was able to hold the temperature of the cooking surface at over 800 deg F for around an hour. Here's the set up.

The heat had more time to reach an equilibrium temperature. Kind of tough to read, but the heat gun is showing 807 deg F. There were a few that were closer to 850.

Time to make pizza. Turns out that I really suck are shaping pizza dough. Maybe I'll do better with a lower hydration rates, but "suck" appropriately describes my pizza shaping skills. I need a lesson from someone that knows what they are doing.  My brother used to make pizza back in the 90s. Maybe I can talk him into a class around Thanksgiving time. Had 3 kinds of pizzas. 2 pies with tomatoe sauce and fress mozz. 1 pie with garlic oil and fresh mozz and another just without the garlic. I grated Parmesan on each pie too.

They came out OK. I think I liked the last dough better. Similar proportions, different kinds of flour, but I think the kneading added something too. I also need to rig something up so that heat reflects back down from the lid. The bottoms were consistently done before the tops. A work in progress....


  1. You know what they say - sucky shaped pizza is better than no pizza at all. Or something like that.

    Looks like the pizzas really picked up some spring in the heat, too. Either way, regardless of being circles they look delicious.

    When I make pizza at home, I crank the oven up as high as it gets, toss the pizza on the stone and just hope that is doesn't fall on the oven floor. As long as it cooks up, I'm pretty satisfied.
    Were you working with a peel of any kind?

  2. I bought an el-cheapo wood peel at Bed Bath and Beyond. With a coupon, I think it was $6. I trimmed 3/4 of an inch off each side to make it fit my door.

    They had a composite one there for $30. Why would anyone do that?