Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Product Review - Artison Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The first time I got this oilive oil was at the Different Drummer's Kitchen is Newton Plaza. That store is gone, but the olive oil is still available at the new Stuyvesant Plaza location. That's where I got the original bottle refilled.

The first bottle is about $12. Refill are a little less, I think it was $9. (I should have written this sooner, I would have remembered the prices.) This is a really nice Greek olive oil. I like it a lot and as long as I can find it, Artison Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a spot in my kitchen. The oil works well in salad dressings and tastes great by itself. I put some of the oil in a bowl with salt, pepper, and oregano and then marinated some chicken in it. Grilled it up - delicious.

The bottle comes with two caps. One is the pour spout seen in the picture. The other is a twist-on cap. You need to not lose the twist-on cap to safely drive your refill home. You might be able to find another cap that fits, but life will be easier if you keep the cap is a safe spot. This company's balsamic vinegar is also for sale at Different Drummer's. Based on the quality of the olive oil, I'll be buying some vinegar in the not too distant future.

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