Monday, April 26, 2010

Hot Dogs Part 1a - Dog Selection

I wish I knew how to take a decent picture. I kind of fried this one with the flash. So I took a few without the flash. Turns out it looks better fried with a flash. Maybe this blog is the excuse I need to get new coutertops. How can I take a decent picture on white tile?

Anyhow, here's a close up of the sauce. I divided what I had into 3 containers. One container is in the fridge, the other two are in the freezer. We are having hot dogs for a quick dinner tomorrow night before the girls go off to gymnastics class. That's what the sauce in the fridge is for. The sauce in the freezer will have to wait a little while (not too long hopefully) to be part of a Kuhn's Chili dog feast. I'm going to try to make chili dogs as close to the original as possible. The first step is dog selection. Any brand recommendations are welcome. I was in a Hannafords today and nothing grabbed me as "The Chosen Dog."

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