Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cows Part 4: The end of innocence

Last week, my older daughter made the connection between meat and animals. Her younger sister may get it a little, but not all the way.

This part of the story is second hand. It started with the two sisters playing. The younger made a joke about serving her sister a plate of cooked cat which  made the older sister cringe with disgust. My wife tried to explain that there are some cultures that would eat a cat. The older sister said, "I would never eat an animal." Well, she was surprised to find out her favorite food, cheeseburgers, came from cow. And bacon came from a pig. And chicken comes from.......chicken.

On Saturday during the vacuum sealing chaos, the older daughter was the only kid there (4 were of an age to kind of help/be interested in what was going on) that helped. And she helped a lot. She labeled many (probably 100) bags of ground beef and cut vacuum bags to size.

She's getting a little too big to fit in those little battery cars, so while some kids played with those, we took a walk down to the lake. On the way back, we could see the cows out grazing. She knows that last month, Papa had 4 cows. Now there are only 2.

While walking and holding my hand she asked, "Daddy, did you kill a cow today?"
"No honey, the two big cows were killed a few weeks ago. Today we turned those cows into the food we eat. Like steaks, and roast, meat for cheeseburgers."
"Oh," she said.


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