Thursday, March 16, 2023

Intense Milk

My oldest daughter was home this week for spring break from college. She brought home some Intense Milk. It is sold from some dedicated Intense Milk only vending machines and also available in some campus shops. It has been a while since the 4 of us went on a Fussy Little Blog tour and ranked something, so I made up some score cards and we had a tasting. On the ballot:

Vanilla: Weighing in at 490 calories per container.

Strawberry: This lowfat version weighs in at 330 calories per container.

Chocolate: Also lowfat and the lightest at 320 calories per container.

Mint Chip: Eerily green and weighing in at 490 calories per container.

On the plus side, these all have a good amount of calcium.

I went with the tasting order of Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Mint Chip. The idea was to go from mild flavors towards bolder tastes like a wine tasting. I put too much thought into this. Here are some tasting notes:

Jon: Tastes like melted ice cream but a little chalky
Amy: Smooth like melted ice cream
Allison: Tastes like vanilla ice cream, very sweet
Casey: No comment
Low Fat Strawberry
Jon: Looks like pepto, tastes like vanilla with strawberry chemical
Amy: Sweet, has an after taste
Allison: tastes like strawberry milk, i never liked strawberry milk that much
Casey: Elementary school strawberry milk flashbacks
Low Fat Chocolate
Jon: Kind of like melted chocolate soft serve. Little metallic and the end
Amy: Could use more chocolate
Allison: Pretty good, I can seen how it is more chocolate ice cream than just chocolate milk
Casey: Powdered chocolate milk vibe

Mint Chip
Jon: Decent mint chocolate flavor
Amy: Nice flavor
Allison: Tastes like mint chip ice cream. Can I take points off for how atrocious it looks?
Casey: No comment

The report coming back from campus is that Chocolate is the O.G. flavor (that means Original Gangster, mom) and probably the most popular on campus. The scores-

Parents: We had identical scorecards. Strawberry left off the podium, Chocolate taking the bronze. Vanilla with the silver and in a twist that surprised no one more than me, the very green Mint Chip takes home the gold.

Young Adults: They came close to agreeing. Both had Strawberry in last place, Chocolate and Mint Chip in for silver or bronze (Allison preferred Chocolate and Casey gave the edge to Mint Chip), and Vanilla on top of their podium with gold. 

And there you have it. 

Stewart's flavored milks are better.

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