Wednesday, November 9, 2022


I don't get the upside of putting a sign for a politician in your yard. Is it supposed to change someone's mind as they walk or drive by? Is it just for name recognition? Why?

I've only had a political sign in the yard once. The few times I've been asked to put a sign up, I just say I live at the end of a dead end street. No one but me will see the sign. But the time I put a sign up, one of my neighbors was running, it was his sign, one house over had the opponent's sign and he wanted one of his near the opponent's sign. I avoided the awkwardness and said sure.

I voted for the opponent.

That was some time ago. Years before Trump's Republican party. These days I would have dealt with the awkwardness and said something like, "I suspect it will be a full generation before I even consider voting for you or any other Republican." And based on some political conversations in the time since, I don't think he'd ask again, to spare himself the awkward conversation.

On the Saturday before election day, a different house put up some signs. I already knew they probably leaned right. But there's a level of leaning right and then there's thinking that election conspiracy, anti-LGBTQ, anti women's health Lee Zeldin is a good choice level of leaning right.

I was left with questions.

Why even bother, there isn't much traffic past this driveway and the election is in 3 days?


You know voting for him is a vote against your daughter having decent healthcare in the future, right?

You've got signs for Zeldin and Velella, but skipped Liz Joy. She's too bat shit crazy for you but the other pair are OK? 

The "Don't say gay" bill would lead to a lot of really, really bad, cruel things. You're good with that?

I was disappointed in my neighbors. Maybe I'm over reacting. Sure doesn't feel that way though. On the positive side, Zeldin and Velella both lost. No idea if the signs had any impact on the neighborhood vote, but they didn't work overall.

I get not being thrilled with Hochul. I'm not. The campaign donation followed by a big contract is sketchy at best. The football stadium is stupid. I guess that's her expensive bridge. Hopefully she doesn't name it after her father. Her election bid was one October screw up away from a loss. I saw something on elections recently that made a lot sense. Basically it said elections are like public transportation. You pick the candidate that is going to get you the closest to where you want to go. I don't want to go anywhere with Lee Zeldin.

Saw this from a Canadian election observer. It's got to be tough to watch. It ain't exactly fun being a part of the mess either.


  1. So glad that Election Day is over....and NY was spared Zeldin...but he got way too many votes from downstate, and it really makes me scratch my head that people could be so tunnel visioned and not realize how bad it would have been should he have won....hoping people come to their senses...

  2. On local races, lawn signs in yards of people I sort of/kind of know are useful. I'm not as well-versed on school board and local judicial candidates as I might be.

    1. I could see that, but at this point in time, it will be years (maybe never) that I will vote for anyone with an R next to their name in any race.

  3. When I have put up signs in the past, it was one part to troll my neighbors, and one part to let like-minded folks know I was there. I didn't put up any signs this year. I am coming to the same conclusion that is mostly an exercise in futility. I agree with you on everything, as usual.

    1. Trolling neighbors is a good reason. There was a lawn nearby on an actual busy road with all the Democrat signs. It was a nice break from what felt like every other sign within a mile of my house.