Sunday, September 9, 2012


I just read a great thread on NY style pizza. It started out with a little bit of name calling, as many internet discussions do, but quickly evolved into an impressive discussion about differences between flours, hydration time, oven temperatures and that kind of stuff. Just when I think I'm a little too into this, someone comes along and shows me that I have barely scratched the surface. Although someone in Lake George is selling a pretty tempting wet saw on Craigslist....but it is too soon to buy one.

One of the best parts of the thread was this link to Michele Tomo making pizza at Pizza Town USA in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. I've never heard of it and now I think I might need to swing by this place sometime. Maybe on one of our Baltimore trips. The pizzas in the video look delicious. Plus she can make them so fast. In about 40 seconds she works the dough, sauces it, adds seasoning with a flick of the wrist, tops it with cheese and puts it in the oven. It is really impressive to watch. Almost a choreographed dance. If you've got a spare 2 minutes and 23 seconds, check her out.

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