Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In a rut...

Not too much going on lately. Kind of unmotivated lately.  "The MAN" took away my online poker. It was getting really fun too. I was meeting up with my brothers and the three of us were playing at the same table. We hardly ever get to see each other, but we could meet up at a virtual poker table, play cards and harass each other. Going "all in" and losing to your older brother is slightly humbling. On the flip side, taking all your brother's chips is really fun.

I haven't even been following wood oven builds lately. That isn't like me. Maybe it is the stress of beginning Battle 2011: me versus the lawn. Spring is full of optimism and I've got a shot at a decent organic lawn. By mid June, the dream is usually crushed and I have to be satisfied with mostly green in front of the house. I did, however, start following a wood oven related blog. Peter Reinhart's Pizza Quest. It is part of the Forno Bravo site I visit for wood oven dreams.They have some nice web-isodes visiting different pizza places.

This month's Charcutepalooza Challenge is working on the grind. I haven't really started anything for it. I should decide and get going on that soon. The steers are dry aging now. I was not around for the slaughter, we went to Connecticut for a family thing. The butchering will be on May 13 and 14.

But the thing that got me off my duff to write a blog post was Mother's Day cards. I was in a CVS earlier tonight looking for a card. This year's crop of Mother's Day cards is not very good. Mixed in with a bunch of "trying to be funny but not quite getting there" cards were a few  that had a gift card already attached. So, here is the "Happy Mother's Day, Ma. We're eatin' good in the neighborhood" card:

And my favorite-"It's your day. Eat Fresh, Ma."

I wonder if there is a local market for this type of card. Maybe a local salon and card shop could get together. Or local restaurant. Something better.

And just for a smile, Scotty found this a while ago. Every time I see it, I can't help but smile. Thank you to whoever forgot the commas.