Saturday, January 23, 2010

Product Review - Brooks Original Chicken Sausage

I saw this today in Price Chopper.

I'm always looking to see what's available in the meat case, so I picked up a package to give it a look. A 12 oz. package costs $3.99. The ingredient list looked OK and the package is labeled gluten and lactose free. I was still on the fence about buying them. I'm not the biggest fan of Brooks. I have never eaten at their restaurant in Oneonta, but I have had food from their roaming, fund raising crews. I was unimpressed with the chicken or ribs. I have heard that the food is better at the restaurant than it is in a church parking lot. What really caught my eye and got these sausages tossed into the cart was the small print that said the product was "Crafted and and distributed by Old World Provisions." I went into a serious depression the day Old World closed their outlet shop. Any company of producing that pastrami has earned the benefit of the doubt. If they make it, I will try it. Two links went into a pan and got heated up with dinner tonight.

The sausage is just so-so. The sound "eh" would be fitting. The kids didn't like them. the texture is very fine, like a hot dog. I thought they were a little sweet. Almost had a maple flavor to them. They might be better on the grill. Two other flavors were available - teriyaki and Buffalo wing. Not sure I'd go back for more. But if you ever get the chance to have Old World's pastrami...jump at it. I've heard Ben and Bill's is doing a good job picking up where the outlet left off. I think I'll be heading over in the near future for a pastrami fix.


  1. I have actually been to the Oneonta Brook's location. The food is not mind blowing, but it is abnormally cheap. If I remember correctly, I got some form of "sampler" (brisket, pork, and chicken) for about 9 bucks, salad bar included. The place is sort of neat in a pseudo-kitschy, Oneonta kind of way. Worth a stop if you are out that way. Be prepared for a lot of senior citizens.

  2. If you are near Brooks in the morning, right next door is a place called Morey's. They serve some of the best pancakes I've ever had. I don't know how they make them. Great place to stop if you are going down I-88 in the morning.