Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chicken Stock Revisted

Tried making chicken stock again. It came out much better this time. I didn't have enough bones for the amount of water I used. The flavor of this is nicer, plus the end product wasn't ruined with mysterious freezer gel pac goo. I think I got a little over a quart out of the bones from two chickens.

Two, boneless skinless breast were dinner last night.
Thighs and wings went on the grill tonight.
Two, boneless skinless breast went into the freezer for a dinner withing a week.
The wings are adding up, I'll have to have a Buffalo wing dinner soon.
Fat from 4 birds is frozen to get fat for Thanksgiving.
The livers are going to be used in a Thanksgiving pate.

Total usage. My new mantra.


  1. A quart of stock from the bones of two chickens sounds like the stock was pretty rich (a good thing). Did it gel up when it cooled?

  2. Bob -

    It did gel up. The part about not having enough bones for the amount of water I used was referring to the batch I ruined with a freezer pack. What a stupid brain fart that was.

    I thought the flavor of this batch was great so I put it aside to use for Thanksgiving gravy. I ended up making more stock from turkey necks to use for moistening bread dressing.