Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I was walking past the McDonald's on Wolf Road today when one of their lawn sign caught my eye. The sign read "Real Fruit Smoothies" and it kind of made me sad. We live in a country where a sign that simply reads "Fruit Smoothies" implies very-sweet-fruit-free-high-caloric-nutrition-less-drink. Adding the word real doesn't change much, but some form of fruit is on the ingredient list. Sad, right?

My kids love this place. We do not go often and the problem with that is a trip to McDonald's be comes a treat. I'll never know what they see in those nuggets. I will say this, I don't know what is in the Hi-C Orange Drink (probably better that way), but I think I could drink it until the machine ran out.

Have you ever seen this?

I think the imagery is amazing. Look how clear Long Island is. And the Florida Keys too. Turns out that if you are in the lower 48, the McFurthest you can be from a McDonald's is 107 miles if you have a James Bond style jet pack. If you have to drive, you'll need to go a little further - 145 miles.

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