Sunday, August 8, 2010

Building a Firedome

Ever see Fast Times At Ridgemont High? When Spicoli says, "My dad is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools," he could have been talking about my father-in-law. He was a machinist, not a TV repairman, but the set of tools is very impressive. And because of this weekends trip, my version of a Firedome is nearing completion.

I already forgot the name of it, but there is a tool that is like a Dremel on steroids that hooks up to a really big air compressor. It had no problem cutting the lid. I had the door laid out. Painters tape helped make a visible line. Theoretically, it was supposed to help keep the enamel from chipping. Notice the deck paint in the back. The rail still needs painting. I'm finding I have completion issues with things that aren't food related.

First we drilled holes for hinges. Then we cut on the line with this roto-zip-compressor thing. Lots of dust and some sparks. No worries, Mom. I wore safety glasses.

No here's where the my miscalculation  became obvious. Those hinges will not work there. They will actually fight each other forcing the door to remain closed. My door opening is smaller than the original version and the top cut is through a curved portion of the dome. In my defense, I don't work with hinges. We converted the original two hinge plane to a one hinge configuration with 8 decorative holes. Depending on how well this works, I might take the door off completely. Anyhow, the maximum width of the door is just under 14 inches and the height is about 4 inches. Here's the finished one hinge door with an eye bolt door knob.

I've got the fire brick set up too. I have 3 full sized brick at the bottom. They will help keep the coals towards the outside. The also help support the grate holding fire brick cooking surface. Splits (half height bricks) were used for the cooking surface.

And here's a pizza will see as it slides through the door.

Just a few more things to do. I am going to file a few of the rougher edges. I also have to link an S hook to the door knob so the door can be held open. After that, I have to find some time to cook. Maybe later this week...


  1. First step, pizza dome. Next, full on oven.


  2. That's the plan! I daydream about it all the time. If I slowly accumulate the tools to build it, it will just have to happen naturally.

    This is a good learning experience though. The future brick oven will have more counter space than I had originally envisioned. I am also getting a chance to work on some doughs.