Monday, September 17, 2012

Co-Op Lunch

I like to hit the Honest Weigh Co-Op for lunch when I am in the area. I like going there. I don't usually buy much more than lunch and popping corn, but it is a fun store to walk around and browse. Plus, the occasional vegan lunch helps me fulfill my destiny of slowly evolving into my parents. Nothing in the hot foods section caught my eye today so I went with the cold section.

First things first, I had read about this vegan dill dip yesterday. Had to try it.

I also picked out a small container of sun dried tomato tofu

some roasted beets,

and a bag of toasted sesame chips for the dip.

Then I reluctantly headed back to the office. As promised, the dill dip is quite good. Good to the point where you think, "Is this really vegan?" And the chips were good too. I think these chips (and the dip if it is available) will be making an appearance at Thanksgiving.

In case you were curious, the dip is also good on potato chips. Ask me how I know. If there is any dip left over, I think I'm going to try some on a turkey sandwich tomorrow. I picked up another turkey breast and will attempt to roast it without an explosion for Tuesday's dinner. The beet salad was just OK. I think the beets would have been better with red wine vinegar. The pistachios mixed in there were a nice surprise. The sun dried tomato tofu was also very good.

Good job with the dip, Lilimonster. I would definitely get it again. And if you happened to email me the recipe for the dip and sun dried tomato tofu recipe, I promise not to sell it across the street from the Co-Op.


  1. You got it! It's one of those things that you don't know is vegan and makes you wonder that maybe it wouldn't be bad... making the eating change.

    And I mentioned the other day how it would been good as a sandwich spread.I'm getting tired of just using mayo in my wraps.

  2. It is very good, but taste some soy cheese before you go totally vegan. I might be able to swing mostly vegetarian (maybe) but I don't think I could go hard core vegan. There's a little left for tonight's Turkey sandwich...