Monday, June 14, 2010

Hope to see you again soon, Mr. Dave

It seems like Mr. Dave is ending The Ridiculous Food Society of Upstate New York to spend time with his family. You can't blame a guy for that. My parenting/blogging rationalization is that most of my blogging/food misadventures happen after the kids are asleep. Mr. Dave's blog will be missed and I'll tell you why.  There are many who could write lyrically about a hot dog with meat sauce from a Stewarts, but there are few that would mean it. And discuss "piss beer" with the expression meant as a compliment. Found shopping lists - one person's litter is Mr. Dave's treasure. He has also eaten a few things I don't think I could (in the name of science, of course) - the hot doggish thing at Cumberland Farms, caffeinated jerky, Bucket of Ribs, and the Jar O' Sausage to name a few.

Ridiculous Food Society, you had me at Whole Grain Bacon Beer Mustard. You had me at Bacon Beer Mustard.

Mr. Dave, I hope to see you around the Capital District Blogoshpere. This one is for you:

Every now and then, we have what we call Breakfast For Dinner. Eggs (hard boiled and scrambled with cheese), toast, bacon, and fruit. Once in awhile pancakes show up too. Here's the last of the homemade bacon going into the oven. I've got to pick up some pork belly and make some more.

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  1. That bacon looks good. Really good.

    I like the occasional breakfast for dinner. Or really, any time.