Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Local Bourbon

Last month, I got an email informing me that my bottle of Albany Distilling Company's Ironweed Bourbon Whiskey was ready for me to pick up. So I headed down to the distillery (pretty much next door to the CH Evan's Pump House) to pick up my bottle. For $45, you get a bottle of the bourbon along with a nice sipping glass.

I enjoyed the bourbon. My favorite part was tasting how the Coal Yard New Make Whiskey (basically this bourbon prior to aging) evolved in a barrel for three months. While the bourbon was enjoyable I'd be interested in seeing if 6 months of aging made it better. However, at this price point I feel like I can find better bourbon. I haven't priced it recently, but a bottle of Basil Hayden was going for about $35 the last time I looked at Empire. While I don't think Ironweed is as good as Basil Hayden (they are very different too so this might not be the best comparison), I have faith that Albany Distillers will keep improving their products. So much faith, I have reserved a bottle of their Ironweed Rye that will be bottled in the next few weeks.

I should also mention that when I drink bourbon or Scotch, I usually just drink the bourbon or Scotch. Not a cocktail, rarely ice, once in awhile a splash of water. Just pour the whiskey in a glass and sip. That said, this bourbon may excel in a number of cocktails. I don't know. I just drank it straight. All of it.

If you see some Albany Distilling Company's products in the bars around town, give them a try. I tried their Quackenbush Still House Rum in a watermelon drink at the All over Albany birthday party. It was very good.

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  1. I tried some and found it, ahem ahem, "interesting..." I think they are working out some kinks and there is nothing wrong with that...