Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mc Rib - a tasting

Before Tuesday, I had never had a McRib from McDonald's. The people that like them, love them. Really love them and look forward to limited McRib times of the year - which coincidentally correspond to dips in pork prices. I was on the road for work this week. My co-worker and I were supposed to meet another group of engineers in Salamaca (a 325 mile ride from Albany). But while we were cruising down I-88, one of our tires blew out. By the time that was taken care of, we were running pretty late.  For a quick lunch we stopped at a McDonald's in Elmira. I gave the menu a once over, debated about trying the McRib sandwich but decided I'd be good and went back out to our truck and and a Balance bar I had brought and just keep drinking my seltzer. Well, my partner had told the cashier that I had never tried a McRib and was on the fence about trying one. She gave him one for free so I could taste one. I was already driving when I found this out. I handed him my phone so I could document my McRib tasting. Here it is in all it's glory:

He cut me off about a third of the sandwich. I didn't like it. The bun was kind of soggy. The actual rib portion was a steamed, salty but flavorless crappy sausage patty. The barbecue sauce was not good. I thought the pickle chip was the best part. About 10 minutes after eating it I had a stomach ache that went away pretty quickly.  Granted I'm not the biggest McDonald's fan, but I have no idea how someone could eat the whole thing. In terms of the McRib, I'm one and done. Well, one third and done. The quick lunch on the way back was at a mom and pop sub shop in Vestal. Much better.


  1. Count me in w/ never having tried a McRib and I absolutely desire to taste one

  2. I think they used to be good. I did a post last year when they came out-

    I agree, the McRib sucks in its present form. But I remember loving the freakin' things back in the day.