Saturday, January 15, 2011

Charcutepalooza Project #1 - wrap up & look ahead

I've tasted the second breast and it was actually a little different. The scoring had definitely impacted the flavor in a good direction. I would score any future duck breast that I cure. I really want to try one of those ducks from Garden of Spices. I bet that would have a positive impact to the flavor too. The other thing I think I would try is the addition of other flavors. These ideas sound delicious. Maybe more along the lines of a duck pancetta than prosciutto. Either way isn't traditional, but it sounds good.

The new challenge has been issued. I think I will take on bacon, pancetta and cured lemon this month. I am out of bacon and pancetta (tragic, I know) and the lemons sound good. First step is to source a pig belly. I walked around the Troy Farmer's Market and none were to be found. The problem is that making bacon is not difficult and a farmer can increase his profits significantly for a few hours of time. Not a lot of sustainably raised pork bellies to go around. I'll be in Newburgh later this week. Maybe I will try one of the bellies offered at Adam's.

While the challenge doesn't require smoking, I have roasted bacon before and preferred the the hint of smoke. I think I'll have to try both to compare. My oldest daughter will be the judge. The younger daughter likes food. The older daughter LIKES food. I think I'll need to get the shovel out.

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  1. We've only dug into one of the breasts here too so I wonder if they taste different. One had more skin than the other . . . we'll see!

    We too will be unearthing our smoker under a mountain of snow for February - looking forward to reading your post then!