Thursday, December 9, 2010

Almost a post

I sat down at the computer all ready to write a post that I've been meaning to write but haven't gotten to yet. A little over a month ago, I won some soda over at Albany Eats and I had a tasting with the kids, my wife, her parents and her grandmother. It was fun. Everyone voiced their opinions and I took notes. The girls made sure their comments were written down. Here I sit, ready to tell you all about it. And I have no idea where the piece of paper with the notes is hiding. Dammit.

So, you are stuck with a curling story. I am playing in a Bonspiel (aka curling tournament) this weekend. The group of guys on the team all started curling around the same time. There is a pretty big bonspiel on the East Coast for newer curlers with 5 or less years experience and we played in it as a team about 6 years ago. I think almost 30 teams played in it that year. This bonspiel moves from club to club and that year it was held outside Boston. Road Trip.

For me, bonspiels make me nervous. I guess it is like a runner getting pumped up for a race. The easiest way to get rid of a case of curling nerves is to have a drink. We did. Many. In fact, the Friday night of that tournament probably rivals the drunkest I have ever been. But I digress...Sunday morning at 8 am we had a play down game. The winner of that game went on to one of the finals at 11. Win the finals, you get your name on a trophy plus all the fortune and glory that comes with winning obscure events. The nerves were getting to me. My first shot was so bad, and light, and crappy it didn't even count and ended up getting removed from play. One of the guys on the team recognized the nerves and jumped into action. He bolted to the bar to get a pitcher of beer. The following conversation took place at 8:05 AM in Massachusetts.

My buddy: I need a pitcher of Sam Adams.
Bartender: I can't sell beer before noon on a Sunday. It is a state law.
My buddy (without missing a beat): I need to borrow a pitcher of beer until noon.
Bartender: Okay.

With the team nursing their hangovers with a pitcher of beer, we went on to win our game. And the 11:00 game too. And somewhere out there is a trophy with my name on the side. This team reunites tomorrow afternoon. Maybe the magic can happen again and I'll get my name on another obscure trophy. I'm not getting that drunk though.

Good Curling!


  1. Man, I need to take up curling.

    Excellent job, Jon!

  2. I've only been curling once (though not under the influence, I think I was 15 at the time)- I found it quite fun, but I think if I ever play a winter sport, it would be ice hockey.

    Thanks for the suggestions on the Celiac suggestions Jon. I have been able to adapt my favorite recipe (Peanut Butter Balls- It's basically a mixture of peanut butter, powdered sugar, coconut, and butter that's dipped in chocolate) and have been experimenting with some new stuff. Meringues, kettle corn, mochi, and sugar cookies still on the list to make.

  3. For the record, I don't recommend curling drunk. It's ice, it's slippery, it's hard when you fall and hit it. The drinking-to-much drinking is done off the ice. Most of the time there is no drinking on the ice. So, if you are in a Monday night league, no one is drinking while curling. But if you show up at a semi competitive mens tournament with a lot of teams from out of town, there is going to be some drunk people hang out.

    For the most part, I was well behaved last weekend. The team won 2 and lost 2. No trophy for us. It was a really good time though.

    Mer- there is a ton of GF stuff out there. More is coming all the time. Being GF doesn't mean going hungry. I haven't checked it out yet, but the Gluten Free Girl has a new book out. I think it is called Gluten Free Girl and the Chef. She has a nice blog too.